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Sofitech - Low Cost Device Programmers 


We Import And Sell Low Cost Device Programmers From Sofitech [ China ] .This Range Includes The SP200E " Atmel 8051 Series Programmer " , SP300U "  Low Cost Universal Type Device Programmer " And The Versatile SP8-A " Low Cost Serial 8 Pin Device Programmer "



Autoelectric - Low Cost Universal Device Programmers


We Import And Distribute Autoelectric [ China ]  Device Programmer Also .This Includes The Versatile But Low Cost MiniPro TL866CS And The TL866A .The TL866A Is a ISP + ZIFF Programmer .We Sell This Device Programmer Targetting BIOS Programming Needs Of The India Repair Technicians  .



Tianjin Weilei - Low , Mid And High End Universal Device Programmers


We Import And Distribute Tainjin Weilei " Wellon " [  China ] Universal Device Programmer In Low , Mid And High End Segments  .Wellon Brand Is One Of The Most Famous Brand In Universal Programmers In The World .Every 5 Programmers Sold In The World Has 1 Wellon In It .They Have Production Programmers , Standalone Programmers And Also GANG Programmers .We Focus On VP-290 In The Lower End Segment  , VP-390 In The Lower To Mid Range Segment , VP-590 In The Mid Range Segment And The VP-990 In The High End Segment  .They Also Make A Great Range Of Universal EPROM Programmer Adapters In All Type Of IC Packages Like PLCC ,BGA Etc . 



Peak Electronic Design Ltd - Test And Measurement Instruments .


Peak Electronic Design Ltd [ UK ] Is a Small Company In UK That Manufactures Some Real Small And Amazing Test And Measurement Instruments .We Import All Thier Products And Import Accessories Back To Back On Order .Some Of The Versatile Product Range Includes DCA75 And DCA55  " Component Tester And Pinout/Spec Finder " , LCR40 " Small Form Factor LCR Meter " , SCR100 - SCR And Triac Tester " , ESR70 And ESR60 " Capacitor ESR Meters " , UTP05 " Computer LAN Cable Tester " .



Creatronica - Test And Measurement Instruments


Creatronica [ Argentina ] Is a Small Scale Manufacturer Of Some Amazing Tools To The Repair Labs Like The Versatile Analog ESR Meter The Capacheck Mictron .Other Then The Analog ESR Meter We Have Also Started To Import Other Tools Like The ZETER " Zener Diode Tester " Etc .


Anatek - Test And Measurement Instruments


Mr Bob Parker In Australia Designed His Flagship Product The Digital ESR Meter Called The Bob Parkers ESR Meter Few Years Back .His Kit Was a Great Hit All Across The World .Anatek [ USA ] Sells The Latest Kit Of His Famous ESR Meter Called The Blue ESR Meter And They Also Sell His Other Popular Kit The Blue Ring Tester " For Testing Coils And Transformers " .We Are National Distributors For The Same In India For These Two Versatile Instruments  .  



IDEOFy - Logic Analysers


IDEOfy [ Taiwan ]  Is a Company That Makes Some Amazing Small Time 8 Channel Logic Analysers .We Are Country Distributors For Thier Logic Analysers .The Main Special Thing About Thier Logic Analyers Is That They Do Protocol Analysis Also Along With Logic



Upcoming Distributions


We Are Always In Touch With New People Who Sell Amazing Instruments All Across The World .We Have Upcoming Distributions Lined Up For ASIX " Logic Analysers And ISP Programmers " , BAHAR " For Electronic Chassis And Cabinets  " , CCS " For Mach X Pic Programmers .Not Only This We Import Many Items Under Our Own Branding And Sell The Same Also Across India  .






!!! Our Product Range And Divisions !!!

Please Find More Details Of Our Product Range and Services .We Are Into "Data Recovery " In a Big Way .We Also Sell " Electronic And Electrical Instruments And Tools " And " Repair And Maintenance Products " For The Electronic and Electrical Industry And DIY Electronic Buffs And R&D Departments .Please Find The Details Of All Our Services .


Data Recovery Services :

             We @ Lynx With Our Sister Concern " www.chandigarhdatarecovery.com "Are Big Time Into Data Recovery .Our Data Recovery Lab Is Bigger then Many Retail Shops In Our Area Chandigarh .We Do Recovery From Hard Drives , Pen Drives And Flash Cards .We Are Also In Specialised Services Related To Data Recovery ,That You Could Check On -> www.chandigarhdatarecovery.com



Electronic And Electrical Instruments And Tools :

           We Import and Distribute , Resell " Soldering And Desoldering Products " , " Test and Measurement Products " , " Electronic Projects and Training Kits " , " Electronic and Electrical Books " , " Electronic And Electrical Tools " And " Electronic And Electrical Components " .We Also Maintain Another Website for This Division - > www.tem-india.com .



Repair and Maintenance Tools :

          We Have Been Into The Field Of Selling Computer Hardware / Software and Networking Products For 20 Years Before We Call It Quits .Hence We Understand The Needs Of The Computer Hardware Chip Level Repair Technicians .In This Division We Sell Products That They Require  .We Also Have a Seperate Website For This Business ->  www.therepairmasters.com



Other Services :

           Other then Data Recovery We Also Provide Many Other Services ,They Too Are Listed In the Website .Like Computer Maintenance Etc .


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