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I Am a Hard Disc

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  !!! I Am A HDD !!!



Amarbir Singh Dhillon

CDR-Labs ,Chandigarh

UT ,India .Ph : 09815000133

What Is a HDD :

              Well HDD Is A Computer Part In which Using a Disc Platter Assembly The Information is Encoded On The Platter By The Head ,The Head send out signals and the info is recorded on the media ,The media is magnetic in nature .We all use hdd of different sizes and performance levels and Interfaces .

Parts of the HDD :

               MHA Assembly :

                           Magenetic Head Asembly ,This is Also Know As head and platter assembly ,This is the Part that Contains The Motor ,The Platters ,the Head And The entire Iron Cage With The Top Cover Thats Air Sealed "Actually Air does Flow into the HDD Chamber ,More About This Later On ".

               PCB :

           T             This is Called The Printed Circuit Board ,this Contains The Main Processor ,The EPROM ,RAM And The Motor And Spindle Controller .This Also Has a Protection Circuit for Protection of surges In The 12 And 5 Volt Electrical Line .

Explanation of the Parts :

               PCB Plate Parts:

                             Main Processor :

                                       This Processor is made By many different electronic Manufacturers Like ST Micro And All ,Mostly they Are Specifically Made Processor For Different HDD Manufacturers And Have Many Models even For One HDD Manufacturer .This Processor contains The Software code that Makes the HDD Work I Mean Its The code Or The Operating system That starts As Soon As the PCB And The HDD Recieves Power ,If You Find That Your HDD Is Totally Dead That Might be due To the Fact That the Crystal That Gives Clock Signal to The Main Processor is Dead ,Try To check That With a Scope or a Multimeter If Its Generating Frequency With Accuracy .Mostely The Heads Are Controller By This IC In HDD .

                            EPROM :

                                       This Contains The code That Is In Addition To the Microcontroller "Main Processor " Code ,Some HDD Microcontrollers Do Not Have Enough Space For The Code ,So The HDD Manufacturers Put Additional Code Into the Serial Or Parallel EPROM On The PCB . Once the Microcontroller Processes All Its Firmware akka operating code It Sends a Jump Instruction To The EPROM And The EPROM starts Executing Its Code .The Probability Of the EPROM Code Getting Damaged In The PCB is Very Very High ,You Could Take Out This EPROM And Program It With the Same Firmware Version Or Alternatively You Could Connect the PCB to The Serial Port on the Computer and Then program the same ,Yes The PCB also Has a Serial Port ,More About That Later On.Serial Port is There For Samsung And Seagate Mostely .

                            Ram :

                                        This IC Is Also There On The PCB and Its As Ram In Our Desktop Computers ,This Could also Get Damaged And Could Require Replacement .This Also Can Be Checked And Replaced If Found Defective ,A Defective Ram IC Will process everything with Erros in the PCB .

                            Spindle Motor Controller :

                                         This IC controls the Speed of the Spindle Motor In The HDD ,A Defective Spindle Motor Is Rather common Issue ,Most Commonly this Chip just blows away Due To The Fact That the Spindle Motor Gets a Coil Short Circuit or Due To The Fact The Motor Sometimes Freezes or Tries To Consume More Power Then The IC Can Deliver .


                                                                                                                  Under Progress ......

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