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CDRLabs - Advanced Logical Data Recovery [ Hard Drives IDE/PATA + SATA Type ]

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Rs :3,000/-
In Stock : yes
Shipping Weight For Freight Calculation: 0.99 kg


This Type of Data Recovery Is Done When The Hard Disc Is All OK But the Data On The HDD Has Gone Bad [ Specially By Accidental Formatting And New Operating System Installation ] And When We Are Recovering The Same Its a Complex Case .We Can Also Recover Damaged File Structures For You To the Best Of Our Ability .If You Think This is The Issue With The HDD Media Please Order For Our Data Recovery Service -> HERE 


PS :

            We Charge Rs :3000/- For This Service Generally In Addition To Rs :250/-

            [ Testing And Inspection Fee ] +  Rs :125/-  [ For Sending Media Back  ]

            We Take 100% More Payment For Mac Operating System and Linux/Unix

            Work .


Warranty : Not Applicable for This Type Of Service


Note :

         For More Details Please Visit - >  CDRLabs Website

         Please Chat with Us Online Or Email Us For Any Query

         Have Something To Discuss Visit -> The Forums


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