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We Also Repair All Type Of Computer Speakers .This Includes All Low End Chinese Speakers  , Mid Range Once Like Creative  , Altec Lansing , Edifier Etc .Not Only This We Repair Ultra High End Once From Respected Brands To Perfection  .We Also Have Pickup and Delivery Service For Chandigarh ,  Mohali  , Zirakpur and Panchkula Etc .Please Select The Type Of Speaker You Like To Get Repaired and Also If You Like a Pickup , Delivery Or Both [Pickup/Delivery ]   

Pickup And Delivery Service Addon:
Type Of Product:
Rs :100/-

After The Traditional CRT Screens The Thin And Less Power Consuming LCD Have Dominated the Computer Monitor Sphere .LCD Are Now Replaced By LED's .As These Two Screens Are Very Common Now We Repair Your Non Working Screen So That You Can Safeguard Your Investment  .From Repair Of Power Supply Board To checking Repairing Of Inverter Section and The Mainboard To Replacement Of LCD Panels And Backlights We Do It all and We do It In Style.Come Give Us A Opportunity .

Pickup And Delivery Service Addon:
Rs :500/-

Have a Issue In Your Desktop Computer .Well Worry Not We Are There To Solve All Your Issues "Just Get Your computer To Our Workshop " Give Us 24 Hours and Its Back To Square One "All Solved " .If You Are a Lazy Bone and Like Us To Pickup Or Even Deliver It Back No Problem Just Select the Same From The Menu Below .

Pickup And Delivery Service Addon:
Rs :375/-

Well If You Have Your Own Set Of Computer Spares and Would Like Someone To Assemble The Same for You With the Best Of Best Standards Please Contact Us .We Assemble Computers In Such a Way That You Get a Near Branded Factory Like Look Of Assembled PC's .Neat and Tidy Interiors .Excellent Finish Quality The Mark Of Quality And Mark Of Lynx ,Try Us ...  Are You a Lazy Bone ? Add Our Pickup And Delivery Services To This Order

Pickup And Delivery Service Addon:
Rs :500/-

Well Do You Have a Currupt Desktop Motherboard BIOS ? Were You Updating It And Screwed It Up ? .How About the Once That Just Go Bad .We Are Experts In Desktop Motherboard BIOS Repair In Chandigarh [ Panchkula , Mohali And Zirakpur ] .We Have Advance Tools And BIOS Programmers To Solve And End All Your Desktop BIOS Issues .Pickup , Delivery  Or Both [ Pickup/Delivery ] Services Are Available .

Pickup And Delivery Service Addon:
Rs :250/-

If You Have a Trouble In your Laptop And Would Like Us To Maintain The Same For You and Get It To Factory Condition .Well We Will Do This Job To the Best Of Your Satisfaction .We Open The laptops/Notebooks And Clean And Inspect every Part Of The Same and Assemble The Same Back .The Way We Do this Is Very different then Others Who Just Get the Job Done But Are Neither Satisfied Themselves " In Thier Heart they Know This " Nor Thier Clients Are Satisfied  .If You Are a Lazy Bone We Have Pickup/Delivery Or Both Serv ices For You ,Just Select The Same And Place The Order .

Pickup And Delivery Service Addon:
Rs :750/-

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